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At Stockton Tree Services, Lodi we make it our mission to provide our customers with the most honest, comprehensive, no BS, straight forward tree service. We strive to to deliver quality and personalized services to each individual customer since every tree service is unique, with the ultimate goal of every job would be to enhance the look of our customer’s property as well as give our customer the overall peace of mind knowing that the experts are here to take care all your trees.

From the moment we answer the phone or reach out to schedule an appointment, we make it a point to be thoughtful and have a friendly attitude. When we arrive for the appointment, we are able to demonstrate our dedication to each one of our customers by showing up on time and ready to work. We know you time is valuable and we we keep that in mind whenever we are on a job. Our commitment to our customers starts by our commitment to thorough consultations, unhurried appointments, our  and our overall excellent service. We feel our customers can never have TOO much information, which is why we take our time to explain the process so you understand exactly what will be happening.

Our customers feel at ease knowing they will receive the highest quality tree service available and have it provided by a local company that only wants your property to look its very best

Simply put, our customers come first. Here at Stockton Tree Service, Lodi your trees really are our passion.




Lodi Tree Services

Stockton Tree Services is the leading tree removal  service in Stockton

At Stockton Tree Services, our Lodi Tree Service includes tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and tree pruning. Typically we are able to do whatever is needed to keep your residence or place of business looking presentable by making sure no scraps or branches are left over. Our team of experts will make sure you have all the necessary information to make the most informed decision before we get started with your tree services.


Tree removal is done for an assortment of significant reasons, including the security of your home and wellbeing of your yard. Stockton Tree Service is the best at recognizing dead trees that can affect the safety of standing structures in the event that they are near the building. In the rainy or stormy weather, large trees can be thumped up. Is it true to say that you are stressed over the wellbeing of your home or property due to a dead tree? Call us before harm happens. The cash it costs for tree removal is meager as compare to the cost of fixing a messed up rooftop after a tree falls on it.



Tree Trimming Stockton Ca & pruning may appear to be an easy job, but actually, it isn’t easy. It’s directed for various reasons. The most widely recognized purpose behind tree trimming & pruning is to improve & support new development in the spring. This sort of trimming ought to be led toward the last of winter and the start of spring. Then again, summer tree trimming & pruning can drive to hinder development or slows down growth from one region and direct it then onto the next part of the tree.



Stump grinding is the best method to complete the tree removal process. Our skillful experts can safely & efficiently evacuate your stump and uncovered roots adequately. Kindly note, notwithstanding, that once a stump is abandoned, you won’t have the option to plant another tree in that equivalent spot once more. Creepy crawlies, insects, pests, and vermin love to settle out of tree stumps. If you’ve just removed the tree from your ground, you’ll need to ensure you removed the stump too. We utilize our stump grinding machine to crush down the stump. 



Our expert tree surgeons comprehend the life cycle of trees. They can furnish your yard with information in all trimming & pruning issues. Regardless of whether you need to maintain the wellbeing of your shrubs by expelling deadwood, or unpredictably plan your trees to commend your lodging exterior, we’re the ones to call. We won’t cut any corners when pruning your trees.


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